We have been successfully running the fashion label NIL+MON (@nilandmon, www.nilandmon.com) for several years. Being enthusiastic riders we came up with the idea of our own luxury equestrian fashion brand.

Riders and equestrian retailers immediately fell in love with the high quality, craftmanship, modern aesthetics and sustainability. Our innovative design and the sustainable sourcing and production approach, a high commitment to quality and ultimately the endless passion for the horse, all that is NM Equestrian.

Lin and Anemone Beeser - Founders

NM Equestrian is 100% quality made to order. We aim to produce a unique range of comfortable high-quality clothes for active riders, that can be worn for a long time. Our clothing is designed for the highest demands of modern sport and leisure riders.

Our products are made in cooperation with regional suppliers and manufactories. All crystals are applied by hand in Austria at a Swarovski Authorized Application Center. We use 100% organic cotton and recycled materials.